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“Are you born a writer, or do you become one? Is there a gene for ink in the blood – the blood of writers? Unable to shield themselves, taking it all on the chin, haemophiliac with words, writers have signed a survival pact with writing. I will provide you with a living – but you have to write!”


Thérèse Fournier lives on a ship between Paris and the Mediterranean. She publishes short stories in the half yearly review “Siècle 21, littérature et société” [21st century, literature and society]. She is involved in many initiatives aimed at bringing the shared history of both sides of the Mediterranean up to date. Her Arab trilogy –L’Olivier bleu, 2028, and Nador – was published by JC Lattès (Paris), Le Fennec (Casablanca), and Scali (Paris) and Mirza Publishing for their new paper and digital version. Nador will soon appear on our screens. In 2020, a trip to Greenland awakened her climate awareness.

All the drawings on the site are pen and ink drawings by Thérèse Fournier.

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