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Coronavirus, Remember, 18.

Updated: Aug 9, 2021


Monday April 6, 2020.

While contagions are running out of steam in Europe and the number of cured patients discharged from hospital, in France, approaching half of admissions, (11,474 hospitalizations for 5,166 healings), then, therefore, a powerful breath of life and spring ruffles our minds, we are already talking about "out of confinement". But the vocabulary of this operation is oddly vague and imprecise, as if there was embarrassment in talking about it. The end of confinement will be "gradual", by "regions" ... Let's reason for ourselves: many cases of Covid 19, - we are talking about 80 to 100,000 -, were detected during internet consultations, excluding PCR test - Body aches, fever, cough. Treated at home, they resulted in healings. These cured patients constitute a huge fringe of the population not counted in the official figures, but listed since passed through official consultation channels. These patients who kindly recovered on their own, logically infected their relatives who, either developed it, or became healthy carriers with symptomatic. The embarrassment of the public authorities undoubtedly comes from the fact that one cannot deconfin, without knowing who is who has what! Or we redo a game! We deconfine ourselves, we contaminate ourselves, we re-confine ourselves, and that until the holy glinglin, the holy vaccine, not before October 2020. And here we go again for the Chinese puzzle! A little sheepish, we understand that there is no deconfinement possible without a vaccine ... And yet, the economy must start again! So ! What sauce will we be eating? What is behind the embarrassment of the authorities? The solution would be to test everyone. But you have to take the opportunity to do it while everyone is in residence. At this point, we define three exit waves: 1. those who are immune, and who can do anything, and go anywhere. Our superheroes. 2. Those who, carefully protected by confinement, are "pure" from viruses. Virgins. Those there can do anything and go anywhere, provided they do not meet 3. those who, having been in contact with the cured - or dead - patients, have not developed the disease; healthy carriers and has symptomatic them. Our "Trojan horses"! Our leaders can see that containment has shaped the architecture of a modular society. By telling citizens that confinement was the condition for their survival, the state is now responsible for good deconfinement, and has already prepared, before talking about it, the tools for good deconfinement. I confined myself. I ran away. Now what do you propose to me to continue to be saved? Because even a pangolin would understand the risks of deconfinement! What if no one wanted this deconfinement anymore! If the "executive women" had made it a reason for the proximity between the cradle, the marital bed and the computer! We will go out to get the economy back on track - because that is the stake - but under certain conditions! Tomorrow, in Chronicle 18, we will explore some safe deconfinement techniques. But we want to warn the reader: some of them might be offended.

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